My name is…


Recently, my precious angel, born of my wombthat I carried selflessly (forgoing all things sushi) for 39 weeksbegan to call out to me in the night It must be me she was calling out tosince Big Daddy “doesn’t do” night shift At 1:30am this morning,what did I hear coming from the baby monitor? Dada, Dada, […]

Fall Decor


It’s not easy trying to bring Fall to Sunny Florida, ya’ll. The Palm trees and the bamboo just don’t change colors unless they are DEAD;and then they are not so much a marker for fall, so much as a potential hurricane hazard. Still, I must admit that I am a teeny tiny bit nostalgic for […]

Craft: Picture Me Stick Puppet


Materials:2 popsicle sticks1 photo of your child2 pieces of patterned paperglue stickscissors Instructions: Cut one popsicle stick in half with scissors Cut out clothing for stick figure (dress or pants and shirt) Cut out head of child from photograph Glue headpiece onto stick figure Lay dress or shirt onto stick figure, below head to get […]

Craft Time: Table Settings


As part of our curriculum I’ve added “Life Skills” to our lineup.Since my children are all under six years of age they actually enjoy this subject, but I’m told that this will soon come to an end so I’m enjoying it while it lasts! Life Lesson: How to set a table. I wanted them to […]

Children’s Flatware


After my post about making a Tablesetting Placemat, I realized I should offer up some great children’s flatware sites too, in case you feel inspired. Here are a few of my favorites: Paul Revere Flatware by Oneida for when you (as in Mommy) have outgrown the plastic crayola crayon look on your table. Williams Sonoma […]