The Best Salad EVER!


Before I share the Best Salad Recipe ever with you, I want to start by pointing out to you that while I will eat a salad (unlike someone else I know), I do not CRAVE salads.   One should note that I only eat salads when:I want to set a good example for the picky little […]

Basket on the stairs


When you live in a two-story home you are made more aware of your laziness. Hence, the need for the infamous basket on the stairs. The basket is a catch-all for all the things that need to be taken back upstairs—-but not right now, later.  Presumably when I have more energy or can make one […]

Hello Again!


First, I want to thank so many of you kind readers who sent me notes and words of encouragement during my quiet time on this blog.  Your prayers, emails and kind thoughts truly meant a lot to me.  I had been quiet during a very chaotic time in our family’s life and something had to […]