Fall Halloween Party

Face Paint Collage

A Fall Halloween Party (or Harvest Party) is a great opportunity to host families and is a lot of fun for both children and adults.  If you’re already putting up Fall or Halloween decorations then you’re already halfway there to hosting a great party! In this post I’ll share some pictures from our Fall Halloween […]

Links & Things: Fall Edition 2014

Elegant Fall Decorations

Our Fall/Halloween Decorations are out and the house now has a festive feel to it, which isn’t easy when you live in South Florida. I can already feel my mood lifting and the ideas swirling for how we will celebrate the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years) this year as a family.  I’m also […]

My Favorite Cookbooks for Family Dinners

My favorite cookbooks

Cooking with Kids Each week I prepare a nightly dinner with one of our older children.  Our homeschool schedule will say that I have 5 nightly dinner sessions reserved for each of my children, but the truth is I usually only succeed at this regularly with the older four, although I do cook dinner 5-6 […]

Links & Things: Hard Days & Ponderings


I’ve been processing a lot of things and nursing a wound from a miscarriage after an IVF cycle in August. Infertility is always hard. But it’s a million times harder when you are over 40.  I’m grateful for the kids I do have, but I’m also mourning the pregnancy that wasn’t to be and the […]