Laundry Room Essentials

Essentails for your laundry room via A Grateful Life

Why jars are your laundry room’s best friend Putting your washing soap or laundry booster in a pretty jar doesn’t just make your laundry room more attractive, it helps keep your detergent fresher and easier to access.  Especially if you live in humid climates, like Florida where your brand new box of Borax can easily […]

14 Podcasts for moms (and their kids)

14 Podcasts

In the last six months I’ve become an avid listener of podcasts.  It has integrated so easily into my already busy schedule because you can easily listen to a podcast while: driving, waiting for children at activities, cleaning, cooking etc.  I even listen to some episodes in bed with headphones when my insomnia rears its […]

I don’t have a plan

Jeremiah 29:11

I was always the girl with a plan. The one who made lists of what I wanted to accomplish, how I wanted to accomplish it and what I needed to do to accomplish it. I start every day and New Year with a goal. I have a vision of what my day looks like and […]

His grace is sufficient

His Grace is Sufficient

I turned 43 the day after Thanksgiving. Three days later I received confirmation that I was pregnant! I, in my advanced maternal age, was actually pregnant, after two IVF attempts in 2014. It was a miracle and I vowed to celebrate every second. After being released from my IVF Doctor’s care the week before, I […]