Kid Stuff

Straw Trainer Cup for Toddlers


Did you know that Playtex has come out with The First Lil’ Gripper Straw Trainer Cup to help babies/toddlers transition from bottles to cups?  Baby Sister likes it because she feels like a big girl.  Her brothers and sisters like it because she doesn’t try to steal their drinks and straws anymore! What I like: […]

Homemade Snow


The weather dropped below 60 degrees today in South Florida which means that most Floridians were FREEZING, turning on our heat and vowing never to go outside…or maybe that was just me? At any rate, I had to create some indoor fun, so we made snow! In hindsight, I probably should have had them play […]

Pain at the pump: My credit card theft story


Last week I became a victim of credit card theft, most likely from a skimming device. My credit card information was used over a series of 4 days to rack up more than $3,000 in charges from various online retailers.  Beginning early last week I started receiving a tidal wave of boxes at my front […]