How to read a nutrition label


When I was in high school, they still taught home economics. I heard they no longer do that in high school and that is really a shame. Because it is getting harder and harder to be a homemaker or even just a consumer. Trying to buy healthy foods almost requires an advanced degree, even if […]

It’s tough being a woman


Last year I was blessed to attend Beth Moore’s Bible Study on Esther. Now normally I’m not comfortable talking about my faith on my blog.For one thing, I never want it to appear to others that I think I’m better than anyone or the model of Christian faith. But then I realized, I admire Beth […]

Trusting Him


Sometimes my children will ask me to fix something. But before I can even look at it properly, they take it back in their hands and go on about how it’s broken and they want me to fix it…yet I cannot seem to get my fingers on it—- because they don’t actually release it to […]

Keyboard for kids


Chester Creek has come out with a keyboard for kids with color-coded keys to help them their vowels, consonants, and numbers with greater comprehension. It is compatible with any computer using a PS/2 USB connection.

Tales of a 4th child


It is said that the fourth child isn’t photographed much. Actually, they say that about the 2nd child…so imagine what it’s like for the 4th? I swore that would never be me. It is. I’m so ashamed of myself. So today, I celebrate Cutie Pie.. Humor me. At 17 months she is still a joy. […]