I’m no longer drinking the Adoption Kool-Aid


Recently we had another visit with our daughter’s birth mother.  As I mentioned before, she is pregnant again. Less than a year after placing our daughter for adoption.  She told me she didn’t want to get pregnant again but that her very young boyfriend WANTED a baby and so he decided to try to get […]

Strawberry roll cake


This is my favorite summer dessert. For the Fourth of July I also mix in blueberries and it’s always a hit.  I recommend making 2.  One never seems to go far enough.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 3/4 c. sugar3/4 c. plain flour3/4 tsp. baking powder1/4 tsp. salt4 eggs1 tsp. vanilla1 pt. strawberries1/2 c. […]

What I’ve learned about adoption


I’ve learned that adoption is beautiful, painful and messy. I’ve learned that adoption is a roller coaster of emotions and when you get off you aren’t always laughing and smiling…but sometimes you are.  I’ve learned how easy it is to fall madly in love with a child you never gave birth to. I’ve learned that I […]

Life lessons & Surprises in our adoption journey


Our youngest daughter’s birth mother is pregnant again.  Words cannot express the anguish I feel even typing those words.  Not even 1 year from her placement.  Not even before our daughter turned one, she was pregnant again. My heart just breaks for her, this unborn child and of course my daughter.    I cannot help but […]

The Waiting Place


The Waiting Place by Eileen Button is a collection of essays about what it means to find yourself in a waiting place—-that place of limbo just out of reach of where we want to be or feel we should be.  Eileen’s writing is both humorous and tender.  I laughed as much as I related in […]