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It’s always surprising the things that other people find interesting  about our lives, isn’t it?  From our own perspective our lives may seem very common place.  After all we live it every day.  Yet when you start to see your life through the eyes of others you sometimes learn to appreciate certain parts that you never considered before. You start to see how much you have in common that maybe wasn’t immediately apparent at first glance.


Here is 6 more things about me (since you are clicking around)


I’m a mother of 5 kids under 9—and an infertility survivor!  Four of our children came through the miracle of IVF and 1 through the amazing blessing of adoption.  But all are gifts from God!


We are a homeschooling family that can afford private school.  Not everyone who homeschools does so because they cannot afford private school.  Most of our neighbors find us a little bit quirky and constantly offer to help us get our kids into “the” private school.  However  we LIKE  homeschooling our children and are totally fine if you don’t want to. Really.  For more on why we choose to homeschool visit our homeschool blog, Passport Academy.

A Model Life

I used to model in my former life.  Don’t let that scare you. I’m a mom now (with all the same challenges and worries as you)  and sadly there is no wardrobe stylist and make-up artist getting me ready every morning.

When I was a model I walked the runway for Betsy Johnson, and was represented by various modeling agencies throughout the world including:  Michele Pommier Models, Wilhelmenia, ICE Model Management, Agence Unique, Paige Parks Models, and David & Lee (to name a few).

However some people like to bring up the Centerfold I did in 1996, and by some people I mean the catty haters.  Because seriously, who hasn’t regretted something they did when they were 22 years old?  I’ve talked about that here so you can save yourself the Googling.  Unless you really like looking at the pictures and not reading the articles.  That was a joke.

After a brief acting career I am a card carrying member of SAG/AFTRA.  Now I’m a stay-at-home-actress which is another way of saying unemployed.   I have no idea why I keep my membership.  I guess I believe that one day someone is going to drop by the house and offer me a reality show on homeschooling 5 kids or surviving on 4 hours sleep a night.


I have picky eating little ones who make me crazy.  So crazy I don’t even want to bother cooking some nights. Okay, most nights.  The ironic things is that I can really cook.  I believe if you can read a cookbook  (or a blog) you can cook.  I’m a follow the recipe kind of girl right now.  Big Daddy says I used the old bait and switch to get him to marry me. I cooked and then I switched.  Whatever.  I still make bagels from scratch...sometimes.

I like entertaining (Corporate Wife in the house), throwing  birthday parties for our kids,  decorating, and organizing. I used to have a company where I got to combine my love of party planning, decorating and organizing.  All of those things were a lot easier before kids, but I’m getting my groove back and I enjoy using these talents for my family and sharing them on this blog.


I wanted to be a vet when I grew up but a 10th grade Science Teacher crushed that little dream so now we have a menagerie of pets.  Currently the menagerie has been whittled down to 8 koi fish, 3 tortoises and a Labradoodle named Bunker.  But that could change at any moment.  I’m a sucker like that.


I’m shy.  I’m much braver online. That surprises people for some reason.

I don’t understand why grown women get together and recreate the middle school years by bashing one another.  Motherhood is not a competition.  We just need to get our kids across the finish line the best way we know how without the smirking and backstabbing.


Who’s with me?


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