Time to make the bagels!


The Sneaker Teacher is now obsessed with making bagels over in Germany. Since I’m lucky enough to know her in real life I not only read her blog, but also keep in touch with her via email, which is helpful when you are considering taking on bagel making for the first time. I’m so impressed […]

Its a Wild Wild World


Not many can say they had a Florida Panther on their patio as an invited guest! Today McCarthy’s Wildlife came to our house to put on a presentation for our homeschool co-op. I never tire of listening to Mark McCarthy’s presentations or seeing the beautiful animals that he has in his care. All of which […]

Home Organization Systems


I’m happy to share the slides from my presentation today on Home Organizational Systems at A Woman Inspired. Please know that the photographs included are meant to inspire, encourage, motivate and stimulate you into thinking outside of the box and how you can apply these principals in your own home. No matter what size home […]

Blog Award


Pooba gave me this Blog Award and like the flu bug I’m passing it along. The lucky recipients are: A long way from the Theta House Beautiful Chaos Everyday Adventures in Faith E Tells Tales Other Such Happenings Sneaker Teacher The Tie that binds us Things I can’t say Fiddledeedee The Adventures of a Quirky […]