5 Things I’ve learned about motherhood


If you didn’t have a Mother, you can still be a pretty good one. Use your past pains to become a passionate Mother. Motherhood begins after you give birth. Which also means that you don’t have to give birth to be a mother and you don’t need a certificate, or legal document to be someone’s […]

Why I {heart} Magic Cabin catalog


I am addicted to the Magic Cabin catalog. It is just screams innocent childhood to me for some reason. I get the warm and fuzzies just looking at it, although I must admit I liked it better when they had an illustrated catalog (instead of a photographed one).Currently on my shopping list are: Owl Coin […]

Expecting or Expectant?


I was blessed to be able to carry our last four children.  As extraordinary as that is, I know it is not what makes you a mother or what makes you a parent. I’ve said that before.  But it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve cherished that opportunity to experience what it is like to […]

Random Readings


A geeky Momma’s blog finally gave up the goods on how to embed tweets within your blog and the links from the tweet will work! Gotta love that! Gotta try that don’t you think? Here is one of my recent tweets: I must be nearing that time of the month because I’m all woe is […]

Expand your vocabulary


Did you know that the average person knows 10,000 words, yet only uses less than half of them when speaking or writing? In many cases this amounts to only two thousand words. “…a fine vocabulary can add clarity, wit, and even drama to what we say and write.”excerpt: Small Change: Little Things make a big […]