One Thousand Gifts…and counting


I began counting my gifts last year.  It wasn’t as easy as it should have been and I stopped counting at 27. Then, the book came out. I bought it and I have begun my list again.  This time I feel ready for the change. My heart is open and yearning to be changed.  Is […]

31 days of Intentional Parenting: {Day 15} Family Traditions


Traditions that are unique to your family can be formal and serious, quirky and fun or anything in-between.  Here are a listing of some popular and sometimes very unique family traditions I’ve heard of throughout the years… Sunday Night Family Dinners (without fail, no matter how old you are). Birthday Cake for breakfast  & your […]

Faith Filled Traditions

Baby Dedication

 As a Christian parent it is important to me to weave our faith into our family’s traditions.  If my children carry nothing else on from their childhood I hope they carry and pass on our faith! Faith Filled Traditions: Dedications We believe in dedicating our children back to God within the first 8 months of […]

Creating Family Traditions


Growing up as a child I longed for family traditions.  Sure, my family celebrated the typical religious, holiday and national holidays and traditions but I longed for the Norman Rockwell picture of family life.  I longed for Family Traditions that that defined our family and would make me feel safe and uniquely connected. Traditions offer […]

Adoption is complicated part 2

Baby Sister

Sometimes it is hard to imagine that Baby Sister has been my daughter for only 4 months. In my mind it seems as if she was always a member of our family. If you are new to the blog and are wondering if I am math illiterate, I should mention that we adopted Baby Sister […]