National Tooth Fairy Day and the cost of baby teeth


February 28th is recognized as National Tooth Fairy Day in the United States.  In the US, and  many countries across the world, the Tooth Fairy makes nightly visits to children who have lost their baby teeth leaving behind a trail of money, sweets and sometimes a bit of fairy dust, under their pillow. However, with […]

Review: The adventures of Molly & Emmett


Pumpkin started reading this school year, but for some reason, if she isn’t reading one of her “early reader” books, she seems to automatically assume she cannot read it.  I want to encourage her but I also know that I cannot pressure her either. I want her to have a love of reading after all. […]

Beechcon 2012


Beechcon stands for: Blogging to encourage and equip Christian homeschoolers. The idea was conceived 3 years ago by Maggie Hogan (Bright Ideas Press) and Jenn (Daze of Adventure). A select group of women (how on earth did I get included?) were invited to come and experience an idea and help determine if it was something […]