Links & Things: Holiday Gift Edition

I’m officially ready for the holidays.  The shopping is done, the presents are wrapped, the house is decorated,  the Christmas Party we hosted for children in Foster Care was thrown, and my sister is coming to spend Christmas with us!  My heart couldn’t be any happier or more ready to soak it all in.


If you haven’t finished your shopping here are some great gift ideas:

20 Favorite Monthly Gift Subscriptions {Simple Designs} is the blog post that I’ve been meaning to write…and then some. I think monthly gift subscriptions done right, are an amazing gift.

Looking for last minute funny stocking stuffers or White Elephant gift party ideas?  I love Archie McPhee where you’ll find great finds like Bacon Toothpaste (Paleo Diet friends?) Bacon Floss, and Pickle Candycanes for the expectant mother’s on your shopping list.

Need some more ideas?  Check out my Pinterest Board:  “Gifts for those with Everything


Holiday Traditions:

Looking for something fun to do with your kids?  I really like Mini-van Express Night (think Polar Express) {Confessions of a Homeschooler}

Most thought provoking/heart breaking read:

I am Adam Lanza’s Mother { Gawker}

Best Quote I’ve read all week:

The key to being productive and creative are to work the hours that are best for you.” Ah-ha!


Funniest Video I’ve seen all week:

Which is really saying something after my latest post about Instagram.  Trust me, after you watch this video you’ll never post pics of your food or feet again! Ha!

Funniest Cartoon I’ve seen all week:

In anticipation of spending the holidays with no agenda, I will limit my posting only once a week until after the New Year.  If you subscribe to my feed you won’t miss a beat.


Merry Christmas! 

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    i’m supposed to be making cookies and it’s all your fault that i got sidetracked with birchbox, umbabox, funny instagram video and all sorts of other stuff! (btw, just signed up for umbabox from one of your links to links… excited!)

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