His grace is sufficient

His Grace is Sufficient

I turned 43 the day after Thanksgiving. Three days later I received confirmation that I was pregnant! I, in my advanced maternal age, was actually pregnant, after two IVF attempts in 2014. It was a miracle and I vowed to celebrate every second. After being released from my IVF Doctor’s care the week before, I […]

Finding my voice


I know it’s in there.  Somewhere between the serious Don’t-make-me-have-to-tell-you-again Mom voice and the soft little girl voice that still makes callers inquire, “is your mom or dad home?” when I answer the phone. I’m of course talking about my true voice.  The one that is left when all pretense and past hurts is stripped […]

Hello Again!


First, I want to thank so many of you kind readers who sent me notes and words of encouragement during my quiet time on this blog.  Your prayers, emails and kind thoughts truly meant a lot to me.  I had been quiet during a very chaotic time in our family’s life and something had to […]

What I want you to know about IVF


UPDATED As much as I hate to give the Octomom anymore press. I feel compelled to speak up because I’ve never been quiet or secretive about my infertility issues and I fear that the recent events surrounding the Octomom may cause other infertile couples and their families or friends to have a misinformed view of […]