One of the things that makes me most excited about having my own family is the ability to create or play out some of my childhood holiday fantasies. Some are ones that I dreamed in my head and some are ones I saw played out in other friend’s homes over the holidays. I know the […]

Everyone has a gift…


Black Friday is something I’ve never participated in.I’m not sure why.Maybe it was because I was too broke to buy anything.Maybe it was because I couldn’t find child care.Maybe it was because I used to own a store and had to work.Maybe it was because Al Gore invented the internet and I could shop online.I’m […]

Christmas Change

Christmas Tree

I first read about Christmas Change on Lora Lynn’s blog, Vita familiae, when she posted about her (gorgeous) naked Christmas Tree. To be fair, the concept itself isn’t really new, although I like it very much. How many of us have said, “The excess is just too much! This isn’t really what Christmas is about” […]

My Turkey


Just wanted to share a picture of my turkey in the oven this year. By my calculations I’ve cooked 15 turkeys in my lifetime.I only make turkey once a year, on Thanksgiving day.I’m so brainwashed into only eating it for Thanksgiving. Anyway, I had a good time breaking in all of our new kitchen appliances […]

What I am thankful for


I am thankful for… A husband who is a Christian and who is teaching our children the most important lesson of all, how to serve others. Four incredible children who are truly a blessing from God. A church family I can depend on, grow with and learn from. Warm Florida sunshine A roof over my […]