One thousand gifts: 6-15

Inside Bethlehem

#6 An upcoming trip to Israel. I know it will be life changing and I feel so blessed to be able to go with our fellow church members, pastor and John Maxwell. How amazing it will be to walk where Jesus walked! #7 Having the honor of knowing K.S. who was an amazing woman of […]

My Journey with Jesus


I am on my way to Israel with my husband to tour the Holy Land with our church, Pastor and John Maxwell! On our first day in Israel we will travel north along the Mediterranean Sea to visit Caesarea, the ancicent sea port built by Herod the Great. This is where Paul was imprisoned and […]

One Thousand Gifts: 1-5


#1 The man I don’t deserve, but have been married to for 9 years, becoming a Christian in the last 2 years. #2 The pregnancy I thought I never would have. That led to the beautiful twin boys they didn’t think would make it when I was admitted to the hospital at 23 weeks and […]

First Love Note


My six year old son wrote his first love note. Or rather, I love you note, as he calls it. Best of all, he gave it to me! I know that, all too quickly, the time will come when he will find another woman who will feed him and make his heart swoon. In the […]