Carnival Birthday Party cake & favors


When Cutie Pie turned 2 we threw her a carnival birthday party. It is our “signature” party when children turn two. Or, since we’re on our 3rd one, our “traditional” party for a child’s second birthday. I like to make up our own family traditions as we go along. Its one of the unique blessings […]

Because my life wasn’t nearly busy enough


I spent the better part of the weekend trying to determine the sex of our Guinea Pig pair…and let me tell you this is not as easy as you’d think. There are even detailed guidelines to help you. But before I wax poetic on my weekend spent investigating the private parts of Guinea Pigs, I […]

The flowers of love & entitlement


He used to send me flowers all the time. For no reason at all. I would read and re-read the card over and over, savoring every word, before finally tucking it away for safe keeping. Through the years the flowers slowed to only special occasions. Birthdays, Anniversaries, or sometimes, apologies… …I’d read the card quickly […]