Wedding Vow renewal: Part 2


This is the invitation we’ve chosen to invite our guests to our Reaffirmation ceremony.  It is probably nicer than our original wedding invitations but reaffirming our vows in Christ is important to us.  I think it deserves to be celebrated.  Don’t you? Currently, we plan only a dinner (with no dancing or entertainment) for our […]

Preparing a guest room


I have a confession: I love having overnight guests! I just love it! I especially love preparing for overnight visitors. It just brings out the Martha Stewart and Emily Post Wannabe out of me. Luckily I’m married to a man who also enjoys hosting people at our home, so I have had many opportunities to […]

Am I pregnant?


It recently struck me that I may be pregnant and not even know it! Imagine that?!  I’m of course talking about adoption. As we complete our paperwork, dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s,  it occurs to me that our child may already be conceived and growing. This adoption could go quickly (just a few […]

Drowning in adoption paperwork


If you are wondering where I am, I’m probably buried under mounds of adoption paperwork! Seriously, this adoption is going to become my full time job (and I promise not to ONLY write about it). I knew that there would be a lot of paperwork involved, but frankly, I wasn’t expecting this much. If I […]

Choosing Domestic Adoption


After much prayer and research we have decided to pursue a domestic infant adoption.  No matter how a couple chooses to grow their family, it seems that someone will always find fault.   Say you would only like to have one child and you’ll hear about how every child should have a sibling. If you have […]