10 years later we are newly weds again


I never expected to get as emotional as I did when we renewed our vows this past weekend.  After 10 years and 5 children (how many times can I work that into a sentence? I love it!) I definitely felt married.  Lucky for me my sweet husband insisted. He was raised Jewish and as a […]

God’s perfect timing


I have a story to share. One that I hope to tell to bring Him glory and to bring you hope. Many of you have followed our adoption journey and gotten a taste of my ponderings, questions, and flat out impatience. Now, let me let you in on something God recently showed me. In my […]

Radical Thoughts


Being a part of a community of faith involves being exposed to the life of Christ in others. Just as we are identified with Christ and his church in baptism, we now share life in Christ with one another. So to whom can you deliberately, intentionally, and sacrificially show the life of Christ this way?David […]



My family 2010 On August 21, 2010 we completed our adoption paperwork and home study requirements.  Now we are officially in waiting mode. I’m learning that adoption is a roller coaster filled with waiting. Waiting to have our profile book shown. Waiting for a birth mother to choose our family.  Waiting for a baby to […]