Something to look forward to…


2011 will mark the year of my 40th Birthday and the year I visit the Amalfi Coast with my husband and our friends K & B.  I have never been to Italy and I am beyond excited about this trip.  Even if we have to fly-in babysitters from Pennsylvania in order to go.  Even if […]

Miracle in Franklin: The rest of the story


Earlier this year I posted a video that I saw at the Generous Giving Conference, entitled, Miracle in Franklin. I wanted to share the sequel to that video. The other side of the story. Something I never really wrote about when I posted that video was this:  That video brought me to tears. It was […]

Gotcha Day


A judge finally made OFFICIAL what had already happened in our hearts… Baby Sister is now officially and legally a member of our family forever more.  As if she was a blood descendant born into wedlock with all the rights and privileges of an heir.  That is what the actual document says. Isn’t that just […]

Everything to me


This video was played during our two-day adoption class. The purpose of the class was to primarily give adoptive parents a heart for their future child’s birth parents and to learn about the various types of adoption one can have. The story behind this video is that Mark Shultz is adopted. He loves his adoptive […]

Homemade Snow


The weather dropped below 60 degrees today in South Florida which means that most Floridians were FREEZING, turning on our heat and vowing never to go outside…or maybe that was just me? At any rate, I had to create some indoor fun, so we made snow! In hindsight, I probably should have had them play […]