Links & Things: Blog Conference Edition

This week I’m in Captiva Island with the family for the first  Beech Retreat. This conference was limited to 100 attendees and is the mastermind of fellow homeschooling mom (and friend) Jenn who writes Daze of Adventure.  Jenn has worked tirelessly for the past year to make this a memorable conference for all attendees and she even managed to snag  Michael Hyatt and Crystal Paine (Money Saving Mom) for keynotes!

You can follow along on Twitter or Instagram to see how I’m doing at the Conference.

Every year I think this will be the year I STOP attending blog conferences…and then I find myself signing up for them again.  This year I’ve decided that I will make my own goals for attending blog conferences and not get caught up in what everyone else thinks my goals should be.  We all travel life on different paths and I’m learning to be content with the path that I’m on.
My goal isn’t to monetize my blog. I want to develop my craft as a writer and grow my readership. I want to open the door to new experiences.  That’s enough for me.

Blog Conferences I’m attending in 2013:

This year Blissdom 2013 is moving to Texas and I’m proud to announce that I have been selected as a Community Leader again this year.  Blissdom was the first blogging conference I ever attended and it holds a special place in my heart.

Mom 2.0
I registered for this conference in Florida last year and had to cancel.  I like the idea of attending a conference on another coast.  Some of my favorite bloggers are from the West Coast and I’m hoping they’ll be attending this conference as well.


What I’ve read this week:

Artists and Influencers: They’re teaching me about writing {Chatting at the Sky}


How I’ll know to stop writing about my daughter —I couldn’t agree more!


I really appreciated this post. As I head out to my first Blog Conference of the year it’s a good reminder to Reject the tyranny of being picked {Seth Godin}



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