Dads say the funniest things…


While I was on my Mommy Vacation my friends were all in stitches over Big Daddy’s postings and pictures while he was holding down the fort.  If you’ve never had a Mommy vacation I highly recommend it.  It is a great way to recharge your batteries and to make sure your hubby truly understands what […]

Villa Blanca- Dining in Beverly Hills

Villa Blanca

During my recent Mommy Vacation in California I had an opportunity to go to Villa Blanca restaurant in Beverly Hills.  One day I went for lunch with my girlfriends and another night I went for dinner with three other friends.  Each time I went, I brought friends who had never been there before.  Aren’t I […]

Journey to Carina Skin Care


I’ve already confessed to watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on my iPad.  I think I enjoy watching the show because I used to live in Los Angeles, and let’s just say I was no Beverly Hills Housewife when I did.   Which is to say that I didn’t reside  in a huge mansion and […]

A reason to throw a party: The 87th Academy Awards


I interrupt my melancholy to bring you some cute printables from Thig & Thistle for Oscar night at your house. Oscar invitation & liner (download) Oscar ballot download We aren’t going to have an Oscar party this year.  We were invited to one but unfortunately cannot attend.  I would love to have an Oscar party […]