The Diapers have left the building

I have been changing diapers for almost a decade.

The first time I became a mother it was to TWIN BOYS.

So, there has rarely been a time when I haven’t had at least

two children in diapers, and sometimes even three.



Now I have none.


It all started when our youngest child set a family record and became fully potty trained at age 2.

After 5 children and my adventures in Potty Training, I can tell you that they potty train when they’re ready to.


Whether you’re ready for it or not.

Stinky diapers and my Gag Reflex aside, I’m finding this new phase of our life to be bittersweet.

Maybe it’s the infertility talking, but I’m finding it hard to fathom that we are done.

Done changing diapers.

Done having babies.

We’re moving on to the next phase of parenthood.

Gone are the industrial size Costco Wipes, Diaper Pails, Diapers and Diaper bags.


The Diapers have left the building, and I’m still in shock.

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  1. says

    You’ll be ok, sweetie. :) I’m right behind you. My almost 2 year old (2 on the first of Feb) is my last padded hiney in the house. But he’ll most likely be nearly 3 before he’s done. I’m not sure I’ll miss that – but the baby curls I’m cutting off this weekend, and the nursing that will soon stop – those things I’ll probably shed a tear over.

    • says

      We can encourage each other. Thankfully we’ve got our photos and memories. I really think its the infertility talking. It’s hard to let go of something you had to fight so hard for. When I’m honest with myself I don’t think I could handle more than 5 kids…but oh, what a blessing they are. It’s hard to say no!

  2. Carol says

    My youngest is 10, and my oldest is 15. Five kids total. I remember all those “lasts” as if they were yesterday. But, here’s the thing: all those “lasts” open the door to many more “firsts” and different memories yet to make. No one stage is the best. I so look forward to being a grandparent (maybe in a decade or so!) Life goes on, seasons change, we all get older. That’s life. The key is to be in the moment that you have right now. Today, this minute, is all any of us truly have. I intend on enjoying and savoring every minute of it! If you keep on looking in the rearview mirror, you’ll never move forward and will miss the beauty that is waiting right around the corner. Many blessings to all…

    • says


      That is really so true! Thanks for the gentle reminder. Each season opens the door to new possibilities…and then it comes full circle when you become a grandparent.

  3. says

    I weaned Ian last week. It was all of a sudden and I’m happy about it but didn’t get to have the “this is the very last time I am going to nurse him” feeding. And that makes me a little sad.

    But diapers… they are what they are. I don’t mind them as sometimes it’s easier to change a diaper than to haul butt to a bathroom when you see your toddler squatting down by the grocery cart AFTER you’ve already started having the items scanned!

    Change… we only miss the ___________ stage after it’s gone! And then we get over it and do the happy dance! :) There is such freeeeeedom! And you can carry a cute purse over the giant it’s-not-a-diaper-bag-bag-but-there-are-diapers-in-there.

    Enjoy the cute underwear stage! I think that’s what I find to be a little more *sniff* than getting past diapers… when they just don’t make the superhero underwear in their size anymore and you are relegated to buying big boy (or in my biggest boy’s case, MEN size small) boxer briefs.

  4. says

    Yes – shock is a good word! We finally potty-trained our 3 yo daughter and for a few months following I still, out of pure habit, kept looking at the diaper deals and coupons and then almost needed to pinch myself that it was too good to be true that I didn’t need to do that anymore!

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