Mommy Sabbatical 2014

It’s time for my annual Mommy Sabbatical and I’m off to the most secluded place I could find on earth armed with my usual arsenal of journals and books.

Fregate Island

I am looking forward to this time to reflect, recharge and face some spiritual challenges I’ve been struggling with.  I realize what a luxury and a gift it is to be able to go on a sabbatical, much less to one on the other side of the world.  I am humbled by my husband’s support and generosity in encouraging me to take this time away for myself.  I don’t naturally take time for myself and I’m going to be challenging myself on why that it is during this Sabbatical.

Although I have missed writing I know that I want my words to matter and to encourage or inspire.

I hope that when I return from this Sabbatical I will do so with a fresh perspective and the words and images that will both encourage and inspire you.


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  1. says

    What a treat! I’m in the process of planning my first, and much needed, Mommy Sabbatical so I love reading your posts for ideas. It was very hard to admit that I needed one and even harder to not feel guilt about taking it. Thanks for being so honest and sharing yourself with others.

  2. Christie says

    Please know that there is a captive (non-judgemental) audience for you when you return.
    As a mum of 4, I know how hard it is to get away and take time for yourself and that it usually happens when you are at the end of your sanity rope. Recentering is necessary for all mums and there is no need to feel guilty about it.
    Please also know that your posts are inspiring whether or not they are “earth shattering”. It is comforting to know we are not all in this boat alone, and that is reason enough to post…helping or encouraging one person a day is an enormous blessing.
    hope to hear from you soon!

    • says

      Hi Christie,

      Thanks for your encouraging email. It really meant so much. So much has been going on that I had to put aside some things to take care of ‘business’ and my family. It is hard for me sometimes to make time for writing when it seems so ‘selfish’ compared to the other duties going. I don’t mean to sound so vague. I’m nearing the end of my list and will write a post explaining it! LOL

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